About Us

Since 2011

We are a California based winery founded in 2011 dedicated to the passion of crafting premium wines that rival the best in the world.

We are not your typical winery; we are a virtual winery, which means we don’t own any land or a bottling facility. The big name wineries we buy our premium wines from do the bottling and labeling for us. This allows us to keep costs down and pass the savings onto you.

When we go in search of award-winning, premium wines in Napa Valley and across California, our first focus is quality over quantity. Only premium wines are selected and added to our portfolio. This ensures that every bottle of Silver Carriage that you open is of the highest quality consistently. No hit or miss in our winery.

Each year, we export 100% of our new vintages to our subsidiary, Crystal Bay, in China. We chose this market due to its increasingly demand for American wines, especially from California. Our wish is that more Chinese will have the opportunity to taste, through our wines, the rich and unique flavor profiles that only California can produce.